•  Fix deposit scheme is an attractive scheme to deposit your savings for fix period for 7 days to 81 Months as per your future requirements.
  •  We provide attractive Interest Rates to our Customers from time to time.
  •  We offer 0.50% extra Interest Rate to Senior Citizens(Age 60 or above)on fix deposits of more than 1 year period and above.
  •  Guardian can open Minor’s Fix deposit A/c. When minor turns major then at maturity he/she can withdraw the amount with his/her signature, after providing valid age proof.
  •  We offer nomination facility for all deposit accounts.
  •  We provide quarterly, half yearly, yearly Interest payment to our customers on their existing Fix Deposits as per their instruction. We also provide monthly interest as per RBI guidelines.
  •  Loan and Overdraft facility is available against Fix deposit receipt.
  •  The maturity date of Loan and Overdraft Account against Fix Deposit is maturity date of Fix Deposit Receipt.
  •  TDS on Interest income will be deducted as per Income Tax Act.
  •  We are member of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Scheme [DICGC] in which customers deposit are insured up to Rs. 5 Lac.

Rules & Regulation for Fix Deposit

  •  Depositor has to fulfil KYC norms as per RBI directive.
  •  Customer can Open Fix Deposit A/c with minimum of Rs.1000/-
  •  Guardian can open Minor’s Fix Deposit A/c. When minor turn major then after providing valid age proof he/she can withdraw the amount with his/her signature.
  •  In the case of premature withdrawal of deposit it will observe that what is the period the deposit remained with bank, then the Interest Rate will be compare between present/ Existing rate and the rate at the time of deposit whichever is less will be applicable and 1% penalty will also deduct from interest rate and then the interest calculation will be done on the deposit amount and that interest amount will be payable to the customer.
  •  All rights reserved to the Bank’s management to Change the Interest Rate of the Fix Deposit Scheme without prior notice. Change of Interest rate will be applicable to new deposits only.
  • The Bank having rights of appropriation, set off, lien and change the rules and regulation for the scheme.